Francesco Diotallevi
Francesco Diotallevi photograph by Samuele Galeotti

Francesco Diotallevi lives and works in Pesaro and Parma – Italy. Ever since young, he developed a vivid interest for drawing: he loved the Bonvicini and Jacovitti’s figures, that inspired him to to create his own stories to escape reality, through fantasy and drawing. He studied at Urbino’s Cartoon School, deepening his knowledge of drawing techniques, graphics and animation cartoon, key elements of his creative research in the years to come. In 1995 he graduated at Fine Arts Academy in Bologna, under the guide of Concetto Pozzati. During this period of studies he started to stylistically combine the drawing skills attained in the early Urbino’s years with painting. Since 2000, he abandoned his early years’ abstract and informal painting to begin painting ironic story-boards on canvas, inspired by fairy tales, literature or everyday life facts. “Each canvas is just a part of the story, a single shot, a frame from a movie or a page ripped-off from a book. I wish to let those looking at it the pleasure to conceive their own beginning and end”